We are the most ancient handcraft delicatessen of Trentino, as our ancestor Giovanni (called Giannello, born in 1791) started to work the meat for him and his family at the very beginning of 1800.
His son Eligio changed his father job into a commercial activity, starting to sell the meat also to the neighborhood.
Emilio, born in 1847, a burgomaster in Sopramonte (a village near Trento) finally activated a shop also in Trento and restores, in our family house over the shop, an inn to host vagrants.
His son Augusto kept on with the activity, and you can see a picture of him dressed in an Austro-Hungarian uniform while standing in front of the butcher’s shop. Then Ilario and Albertina, respectively father and mother of Gilberto and Gianpaolo, continued the family tradition.

The help of mamma Albertina, expert cook and deeply fond of the meat working, was fundamental when the father Ilario, after a larynx surgery, lost completely his voice. The incident compelled also us, the brothers Gilberto and Gianpaolo, to start very young helping dad in the buther’s shop management, supporting him to buy the best cows selection and to prepare the meat.

Nowdays Gilberto (in the workshop) and Gianpaolo (in the shop), the two brothers, together with the sons Luca and Simone, are the protagonists of the fifth and sixth generation of the Belli Delicatessen.

La salumeria Belli


La salumeria Belli

The butcher’s shop is not simply a selling point. It’s the arrival of a journey that first of all aims to the wellness of the animals in the breeding or at the pasture, throughout a safe and correct alimentation and right living spaces, to go further in our workshops when the working and the maturing are made using only traditional methods and techniques.

Our objective is always to guarantee meats and products of high quality standards.
For this reason, the fresh meats arrive in our workshop three times a week in order to be sold in different ways: fresh, prepared and put into sausages.
Rooms at controlled temperature are available to the drying, the maturing and the smoking together with working places, to put into sausages and the preparing of products.

We work mainly with meat of pigs and cows coming from alps. But also rabbits, chickens and regularly we add meat of horse, donkey, and game specially represented by the deer and the roe deer.


Our company is in Sopramonte, near to Trento, at the Bondone Mountain bottoms, on the road linking the Trento city to the Valley Lakes.

The Bondone, also known as the mountain of Trento city, is the ideal destination for walking in the nature, hiking and trekking by foot, horse riding or mountain biking,
In the winter the area offers many ski lift systems and ski runs ideal for families, while the key place for the cross-country skiing are the Viote rings.
Among the proposals for the nature lovers and the smart tourist, we would like to remind the Alpine Botanic garden of the Viote and the hiking on the Three tops of the Bondone mountain, natural reserve protected since 1968.

Descending to Garda lake we can see the Valley Lakes where the tradition of the castles is the mirror of many alpine lakes and where traditionally there is a big care of best practices for the environment protection.
The woodlands of Bondone Mountains are managed by the Forestry Commission of Trento and Sopramonte, dealing with protection, maintaining and enhancement of agriculture, pastoral and forestry heritage.
The tourism agency in Trento, Bondone Mountain and valley lakes www.apt.trento.it deals with the tourism promotion of this area.

The Belli Delicatessen is also a member of the Wine Roads association of Trentino  www.stradedelvinodeltrentino.com.

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