Cooked country ham

Our cooked country ham is obtained boning the whole pork leg. It rests in a brine prepared with flavours, turned and kneaded every three-four days for about ten days. Then, after a short period of drying, the ham is cooked for about twelve hours at low temperature.

In some cases, before cooking the ham, we put it into the smoking room, obtaining the smoked cooked country ham.

La salumeria Belli
La salumeria Belli

Pancetta, porchetta, stinco, puntina, carré

With the same process we also cook the other parts of the pork meat, and we produce the stew bacon, the cooked roast suckling pig, the smoked shinbone, the smoked brisket and the smoked loin, prepared with or without bones.


The würstel is obtained mixing boned meat of pork (or, sometimes, pork and beef meat) with some spices. Then they are put into a long tube of skin (servelade  in a bigger gut), dried, lightly smoked and then cooked.

The white würstel (weisswürst), instead, is obtained from the same process but mixing pork meat and veal meat.

La salumeria Belli

Corned meat or salted meat

Together with the luganega trentina and the speck, for sure the queen of our products is the salted meat.
The processing of the salted meat is an ancient tradition learnt from our ancestors. At the beginning of XIX century, there was no way to refrigerate, so the only method to preserve the meat was to put it under salt (salada is the local slang word that means salted). Since then, the method to prepare this beef meat has been always the same.
The beef rump, always fresh, is cleaned and prepared. Later it is salted and flavored with a mixture of spices among which salt and pepper, and it’s put into tubs for about four weeks. During this period it is important that the meat is turned and kneaded only manually every two-three days, in order to let the flavours penetrate. At the end of the maturing period, the meat will be wrapped in the brine obtained from spices.

Now the meat is ready to be tasted, thinly sliced like carpaccio or thickly sliced to be cooked in a frying pan.

La salumeria Belli
La salumeria Belli

Corned Tongue and linguino, salted lard

With the same identical process, we prepare corned beef tongue (about one month of maturing), linguino (about fifteen days of maturing) and the salted lard (about two months of maturing).

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