At the butcher’s school

Our objective is to educate present costumers on the history, the working of the meat and processing techniques we learnt from the past.

A quality meat is a generous product and just for this reason our important objective is to make the interested costumer know all the secrets of the butchering, in order to make him appreciate the different types of meat, products and special combinations.

The experience of the butcher is useful not only for the taste and the good cooking, but also as a kind of saving and home economy.

In our counters you will find first of all fresh meats: beef, scottona (from the cow), veal, pork, poultry, prepared, cleaned and boned in our workshops.

You will find all our products like luganega and speck, sausages and salted meat.

We also offer many prepared products: spits, fresh flavoured meats ready to grill, different types of hamburger, meat balls, cutlet, tomino (small cheese) wrapped in a speck slice, roasted and rabbit and chicken rolls; in winter time filled capons and guinea hens.

Al last, a very important part of our shop is dedicated to ready products and the rotisserie where, by carrying on Mamma Albertina’s tradition, we always offer our customers fresh ready meals such as salted pies, canederli and strangolapreti (typical products of Trentino) and gnocchi (kind of dumplings usually of potato and flour) of the tradition of Trentino.

Finally, in the shop you’ll find the products of our land like cheeses, dairy products, bread, wines and grappa (eau-de-vie).

La salumeria Belli



Piazza Oveno 1
38123 Sopramonte (Tn)

Tel. 0039.0461.866130


From Monday to Saturday
Morning 7:30 – 13
Afternoon 15:30 – 19:30
The shop is closed on Wednesday afternoon
Open also on Sunday morning during the summer 7:30-12 from 15th June to 30th August

La salumeria Belli

Belli is also in the center of Trento!

From 7.30 to 13.00, from Tuesday to Saturday, you can find the taste of the delicatessen in Victoria Square in Trento: fresh meat, deli, sliced meats and a smile that distinguishes the passion for our work.

From six generations the “Belli” make with love the preparations that you will also find in the old town!

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