Luganeghe and salami

Our Luganega Trentina is produced only with Italian pork meat . It’s obtained by processing and mincing the shoulder (the lean meat) and underbelly (the fat meat) spiced with salt and pepper. The whole is put in natural beef gut. The luganega is put into special rooms to let it drip and dry for about a week About a month later, luganega is ready to be sold.
In some cases we add parts of other types of meats, obtaining our luganega with donkey, horse, deer and roe deer.
We also produce the hot luganega, adding peperoncino to the spices, and the smoked luganega. Moreover, by the same procedure used to prepare the luganega trentina we prepare the soppressa (roughly chopped salami), the salami (thinly cut salami) and thekaminwezen, small sticks smoked and matured for about ten days, for they have smaller sizes than luganega.

La salumeria Belli
La salumeria Belli

Matured speck (boneless, salted and smoked ham)

Speck is produced with pure pork legs prepared, cleaned and boned. Once ready, the legs are flavoured manually with a mixture of spices (generally pepper, salt, juniper, laurel, rosemary, coriander and other flavours) and put in tubs to be matured.

Every 3-4 days they are turned and kneaded one by one to let all the flavours penetrate the meat. After around one month in the tubs, the meat is ready to be smoked and it is put into maturing rooms where remains from a minimum of 6/7 months (the thinnest pieces) to a maximum of 10/11 months (the fattest pieces).

Mortandela (a typical product of Trentino)

The mortandela is a typical product of  Trentino, that in past times was made with the less noble parts of pork meat.
Nowadays it is produced by mincing beef and pork meat with spices. The kneading has almost a round shape, similar to a meat ball. The mortandelas are then dried, smoked and finally matured for about four weeks.

During these processes, an external shell appears around the mortandela, and the mortandela looks like a sausage, while in the preparation there is no use of gut.

La salumeria Belli
La salumeria Belli

Bacon, guanciale (from the pork jowl) and mountain coppa (cured neck of pork)

The smoked pork bacon and the smoked guanciale (obtained from the pork jowl) are obtained from the same process as the speck, but using different spices. The pork meat stays in the maturing rooms for about three weeks and it is then smoked and matured for about two months.

Also the mountain coppa (cured neck of pork) is processed with the same method, but it is not smoked and it is put directly in the maturing rooms.

Smoked beef and dried salted beef

The smoked beef and the dried salted beef are obtained from the hand working of the beef topside and the beef rump.
As for the speck, the meat is processed with flavours and let it mature, kneading and turning it every 3-4 days. After a short smoking, it is put into the maturing room for about 2 months.

Our dried salted meat is made from beef meat or horse meat.

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